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converse with your customers across channels seamlessly. aavaz makes it easy and natural.

Aavaz removes
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for happier customer interactions, whether you're following up on a marketing blast, a sales lead or customer support ticket, use the channel that is most effective for you and your customer.

fully functional channels



Aavaz offers unparalleled voice capabilities. With built in on-premise or in-cloud PBX capabilities, to integrations with a wide range of existing phone systems, you can be assured that you're never left wondering what else.
Features include:
  • Full PBX capabilities
  • IVR
  • Skills based routing
  • Transfer and conference calls
  • WebRTC, Mobile, PRI, SIP lines
  • Call Recordings
  • Live Agent and Queue Monitoring
  • Built in marketing campaigns


With inbound and outbound email capabilities ensure that your customers can communicate with your company without worrying about maintaining continuity across agents and processes.
Features include:

web chat

Web Chat is emerging to be the 2nd most preferred channel after voice for interaction with your company. Enable your customers to interact with you right from your website or web application easily.
Features include:
  • Simple to integrate into your website
  • Group based distribution for sales or support
  • Configurable simultaneous chat sessions per agent
  • Transfer chat to a different team
  • Monitor chat sessions
  • Create tickets, leads for follow up from chat sessions
  • Becomes even more powerful when you get pages visited with web tracking enabled


Receive and respond to text messages from your customer right from Aavaz. Also great for notifications, reminders and status updates on support tickets or general items.
Features include:
  • Inbound Routing for Sales and Support
  • Automated Distribution
  • Automated responses
  • Canned responses
  • Track delivery
web_ tracker

web forms & web tracking

Supercharge your marketing efforts by knowing exactly which pages your prospect visited. The information is available to you and your agents when the propects interacts with you via web form or web chat and any subsequent visits thereafter.
Features include:
  • Full tracking from landing to form fill
  • Tracking automatically creates tags for customer insight
  • Automate actions with tag scoring rules
  • Form fill can be configured for sales and support follow up
  • Future web interactions can also be tracked


Interact with your customers via twitter. Never let a sales or marketing opportunity drop by the way side and ensure that any complaints tweeted at you are responded to promptly.
Features include:
coming soon

coming soon

We are adding more functionality to existing channels and adding more channels. New social media and messaging channels are being added quickly.
Social Media and Messaging:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • ...have another. Ask us for it!
that's not all...
Channels work great, but they work even better when they're
UNIFIED with Marketing, Sales and Support teams.
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