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Policies, Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

We collect the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, aggregate information on what pages consumer’s access or visit, and information volunteered by the consumer (such as survey nformation and/or site registrations).

The information we collect is used to improve the content of our Web pages and the quality of our service, and is not shared with or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes, except to provide products or services you’ve requested, when we have your permission, or under the following circumstances:


    • It is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of Terms of Service of the specific application, or as otherwise required by law.


  • We transfer information about you if Aavaz is acquired by or merged with another company. In this event, Aavaz will notify you before information about you are transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Information gathering and usage

    • When you register for Aavaz, we ask for information such as your name, company name, email address, billing address, credit card information. Members who sign up for the free account are not required to enter any credit card information.


  • Aavaz uses collected information for the following general purposes: products and services provision, billing, identification and authentication, services improvement, contact, and research. Aavaz does not share your personal information with third parties, unless explicitly approved by you

Data storage

Aavaz uses third party vendors and hosting partners to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run our services. 

Data ownership

While Aavaz owns the code, databases, and all rights to the applications, you retain all rights to your contact data. Aavaz understands that your contact data about is very important to you and will not share or access your data for any monetary gain or otherwise to advance Aavaz' business. 


  • Aavaz may disclose personally identifiable information under special circumstances, such as to comply with subpoenas or when your actions violate the Terms of Service of our application.


Aavaz may periodically update this policy. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to the primary email address specified in your Aavaz service primary account or by placing a prominent notice on our site. You retain the right to access, amend, correct or delete your personal information where it is inaccurate at any time.
To do so, please contact

General Definitions

Web Support is available to all clients 24x7.

General support will be provided remotely. If support is required for the Aavaz Box, the customer is to make available the ability for Aavaz customer support representatives to access required system. Customer premise visits will be chargeable and any travel expenses will be discussed before the visit and payable by the customer.

Support Hours

Hours are determined based on the country that the is nearest to the customer purchasing the services and currency of purchase.

India Standard Hours: 10 AM IST to 7 PM IST.
USA Standard Hours: 8 AM PST to 5 PM PST.

If customer is looking for support outside the standard hours for their respective country then premium support or additional support packages will have to be purchased.

Tickets raised will be classified into 2 categories by our customer support representatives. A third category will be available for general questions. 

Business Critical - Priority Red

This level is the highest priority for our team. Issues are marked as Priority 1 due to complete loss of service, outage, or failure of a business critical feature. Items are marked Priority 1 when a client is not able to make calls and there is no temporary work around.

  • Response within 1 hour
  • Resources allocated within 4 business hours
  • Resolution 24 hours - best efforts

Degraded Service - Priority Blue

Issues prioritized as blue are attended to immediately after any priority red items are handled. 

  • Response 4 hours
  • Resources allocated within 24 hours.
  • Resolution will depend on the severity of the issue reported and on how long it takes to solve the issue.

General Inquiry - Priority Green

This is a special request item for product questions, feature requests or clarifications. Has no or minimal impact on ongoing operations for a customer.

  • Response 1 business day

Standard Support

  • Available for all Aavaz customers
  • Web and email based tickets only
  • Standard Response and Resolution times

Premium Support

  • Can be purchased for 50% above standard license fees
  • Dedicated Account Representative (During office hours)
  • Web, email and call in support
  • Access to support in all time zones for best response

Customized Aavaz and impact on ongoing SLAs and Support

If the customer requires that Aavaz be customized for their specific needs, and the customization is not generalized and will not apply to most other Aavaz customers then the specific instance will be categorized as a "Customized Aavaz" instance. The following lists the support, maintenance and management impact of using a customized instance.

  • Premium SLA not available as it is impossible to predict outcome of all development choices made and components specified by customer
  • Premium support must be purchased
  • Customization charges are billable with professional services
  • Additional customization charges are billable with professional services
  • Additional support charges may be required depending on level of customization

General Definitions

This Service Level Agreement outlines the level of service that customers should expect from Aavaz. This is applicable to the web application and web services that provide access to the services. It does not apply to the Aavaz box, the Android app or the many other components on the internet that go towards making it possible for you to access the service. For example, if your internet connection with your ISP drops or is sub standard then it will not be measured as Aavaz downtime.

All customer premise equipment, including the Aavaz box will have separate agreements and general best practices related to availability and redundancy must be thought of by the customers.

Unplanned Downtime

Downtime is measured as a customer reported time that the Aavaz web application/service is not accessible by them AND anyone else on the internet. If the customer reports that the service is not available and Tekege can access the service then the reported downtime will not be counted. SLA's are provided on a monthly basis of a standard month of 30 days.

In addition to non availability of service, items classified as "Red" by our support team that stop the customer from being able to carry out their calling activities based on functionality that is provided by Aavaz, but not functioning as designed or providing response times less than 60 seconds (Other than items that are expected to be long running like imports, reports, dashboards).

Planned Downtime

The system needs to be continuously upgraded to provide you with the latest features. For this we will be planning once a month a thirty minute window to update any code changes for bug fixes and new features. The customer will be notified ahead of time and the customer will be required to select which zone they are making calls. These are typically scheduled on Sundays on off hours as indicated by customer at the time of signing up. The planned downtime will not be counted towards the downtime calculations.

Standard SLA Definition

  • Is included as part of the subscription to Aavaz
  • 99% uptime - translates to a maximum downtime of seven hours and twelve minutes per month.
  • Each reported hour of downtime above the maximum permitted will translate to 1 day of credit per paid user per month.

Premium SLA Definition

  • Can be obtained by adding 50% standard pricing
  • 99.5% uptime - translates to a maximum downtime of three hours and thirty six minutes per month.
  • Each reported hour of downtime above the maximum permitted will translate to 1 day of credit per paid user per month.

What is a credit?

One credit allows you to have one active caller using Aavaz for a month. You need at least one credit at all times to keep your account active. Managers and Sales users are free and don’t require credits. You purchase credits at the beginning of your billing cycle. If you add another credit mid-cycle you only have to pay for the remainder of your billing cycle. Credits are automatically renewed at the beginning of your billing cycle. Credits that are unused will automatically be cancelled at the end of your billing cycle to save you money.

Why are credits a smarter billing method?

Using credits means you pay for what you actually use, and not a penny more. Many services offer the user system, which can be a waste of money. Why? Because whether or not the user does anything in the system, you still have to pay for them. With the credit system, you buy a credit and then you can create a user and have them start making calls. Should you decide half way through the month that you no longer want John to make calls but would like Jane to start making those calls.

You simply deactivate John and transfer the credit to Jane.

Reducing Credits

Aavaz will automatically lower the number of credits you have at the end of the billing cycle based on the number of active callers. Since you pay in advance for the credit there is no need for you | to try and reduce the credit you’ve already paid for mid-cycle. You can turn down the active callers to a minimum of one. As the credits are lowered at the end of the billing cycle you can continue using them till then.

Billing Cycle, Termination & Cancellation

The billing cycle starts from the day that you open your Aavaz account, and is automatically renewed every 30 days. If for some reason we are not able to charge your card you will receive an email alert. After 15 days, the account will automatically be deactivated and then deleted if the payment is not received in the following 15 days. Once an account has been deleted all data related to that account would no longer be accessible or retrievable.

If for any reasons, you want to discontinue the services of Aavaz, you can cancel your account before the start of the next billing cycle. Only the Account Owner can cancel the account.

Refund Policy

Refunds are issued only for reported down time for the time that Aavaz was down. Credits once purchased are not refunded for any other reason. You can cancel the account at anytime from the account management section and you will not be billed any further.


Aavaz will not be liable for any financial / business / information loss due to malfunction of Aavaz for any reason whatsoever.


Standard SLA and Standard Support

Standard SLA and Standard Support customers are given the following training sessions free of charge.

  • Admin 2 x 45 minute sessions
  • Caller 2 x 30 minute sessions

We strongly recommend that the customer avail the sessions for the best outcome with Aavaz. We also recommend that the customer take one set of sessions first and then follow up a few days later after having made calls for both training and best practice remediation. Questions tend to rise only after using the service.

Premium SLA/Support

Premium SLA/Support customers can avail 1 additional session per user type each month.

Additional Training

  • Admin 45 minute sessions - Twice the standard price per agent per month
  • Caller 30 minute sessions - Twice the standard price per agent per month

Sessions are scheduled during standard office hours for the customers time zone. If customer would like to request off hours training add 50% to charges above.

  1. Tekege Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Tekege) agrees to supply the Aavaz box to subscribers of the Aavaz platform, upon full payment for the same.
  2. The Aavaz box guaranteed buyback program is designed to be easy to understand for our customers. It is in place to ensure that customers care for the equipment that is provided to them, while ensuring that the cost of entry to Aavaz is lowered by providing a guarantee that the customer is not locked into a solution that may not be relevant or may not scale for them in the future.
  3. The Aavaz box is equipment that must be installed on customer premises to take advantage of advanced telephony features of the Aavaz cloud platform. The Aavaz box is designed to be a Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) that stores minimal data so that hassles of managing backups etc are not passed onto the customer and in the event of a failure can be easily replaced with another unit, which will require minimum setup to get up and running.
  4. The Aavaz box must be purchased by the customer, and is assured a buy back for full value by Aavaz provided that customer returns it in full working condition. Minor wear and tear that occurs on equipment will be excused at the discretion of Tekege. The Aavaz box contains high quality electronic equipment with minimal moving parts to ensure long life, to help ensure that the customer gets the full benefit of the buyback program.
  5. The customer can return a fully functional (seals not tampered) Aavaz box to Tekege at any time and Tekege guarantees buyback at full amount as received with this order.
  6. We recommend the practices to follow at the customer premises to ensure that the equipment stays in working condition
    1. Clean, grounded and conditioned power to the box (required for good voice quality)
    2. Clean dust free environment
    3. Cool conditions
    4. Keep away from areas that will be susceptible to liquids being splashed on the equipment
    5. Keep away from areas that will have human traffic that will cause breakage and physical damage
    6. Minimize movement of the unit while in operation or jerky movements when not in operation
  7. Tekege warrants that the Aavaz box will function free from defects / glitches for a period of 1 month from shipping. In case the Aavaz box does not function properly within the first 1 month, Tekege will replace the defective Aavaz box with a fully functional one immediately upon receipt of the defective box. The warranty will not apply if the Aavaz box has evidence of damage due to items listed below:
    1. Seepage / spillage of water inside or on the Aavaz box;
    2. Accumulation of dust inside the Box due to installation in an unclean environment;
    3. Extended exposure to heat or sunlight;
    4. Physical damage as a result of mishandling of the Aavaz box;
    5. Damage due to unstable electric current;
    6. Any other cause associated with abnormal use of the Aavaz box.
  8. Tekege’s decision on whether malfunction is a result of any of the above factors shall be final. In case malfunction results due to any of the above factors, an appropriate amount (indicated below) shall be deducted from the paid amount during buyback, which may even extend to the entire amount in case the defective box is incapable of repair. If customer feels that the assessed damage is not correct, then a third party, mutually acceptable, independent arbitrator will be appointed. The costs of this third party arbitration will be shared by both parties.
  9. If the box does sustain damage, Tekege will make all efforts to return the maximum amount to the customer with the following guidelines for deductions on the purchase price that will be incurred by the customer
    1. Cracked, bent, deformed or heavy scratches on the exterior of the box - 10%
    2. Power Supply not in working condition - 5%
    3. Motherboard not in working condition - 20%
    4. RAM not in working condition - 20%
    5. CPU not in working condition - 25%
    6. Telephony Analog/PRI card not in working condition - 25%
    7. Solid State Drive not in working condition - 15%
    The total deduction will be added (Not above 100%) and the remaining amount will be offered to the customer. The customer may choose to not avail the buyback offer and can keep the Aavaz box, in which case the customer must provide Tekege access to delete the code that is installed on the Aavaz box. Possession of the Aavaz box does not obligate Tekege to continue to provide Aavaz cloud services.
  10. In addition to the above - Aavaz box is shipped with a signed “seal”. If the seal is broken then the customer will not be eligible for the buyback program. The seal may be broken by the customer if they receive express permission from to do so.
  11. Tekege will not be liable for any financial / business / information loss due to malfunction in an Aavaz box for any reason whatsoever.
  12. If the customer wishes to upgrade or replace the box, the customer must first send the old Aavaz box back and will then receive the new box once the difference in amounts on the two boxes have been cleared.
  13. Tekege shall have no obligation to repair, replace or buyback until the customer returns the defective Aavaz box to Tekege.
  14. Any replacement Aavaz box may be either new or like-new, provided that it has functionality at least equal to that of the box being replaced.
  15. The replacement box will be shipped upon availability. If customer requires a high availability environment it is suggested that they maintain 2 boxes on premises. Both boxes do not need to be active.
  16. All shipping costs for purchase and buyback will be incurred by the customer; unless the customer receives the equipment in non-functional state notifies Aavaz within 15 days of receiving the equipment, in which case Tekege will pay the shipping costs to retrieve and resend another box to the customer. Tekege will select the shipping method to ensure that the box is not damaged during transit.
  17. This warranty is valid only in the country where the Aavaz box is shipped to the customer by Tekege.