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once you use aavaz, you’ll see that everything else is hard, and aavaz is truly easy.

stop struggling with clunky integration of separate phone systems, sales trackers, support systems, chat systems and messaging platforms….
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you'll wonder how you ever did without it

aavaz unified workflows and channels allows you to track your customers entire life cycle from marketing to sales to support
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one system to connect you to your customers.

create the amazing customer experiences and customer engagement you’ve always wanted with aavaz.

customers want multi-channel services

customers are spoilt for choice, and great service is often the differentiator. they expect omni-channel service and will switch to companies that provide the service level they expect.

I expect companies to
provide a seamless experience
for me when moving from one
channel to another

Customers love the fact that they can get touch in with you and get updates on any channel that is convenient to them.

They love that agents respond to them with full knowledge of who they are and their history, regardless of which channel or department.

If I've had a bad customer service experience, I am very likely to switch to another company in the future.

Managers find setting up Aavaz easy, training agents even easier. With full insights into every aspect of their business, their agents, leads, tickets and most importantly their customer.

I am more willing to do business with a company that offers me more ways to communicate with them

Marketers can reach out to and track their online efforts via web tracking, online forms and social media implementations enable conversions in real time

I expect companies to be more proactive by reaching out to me to provide better service reminders, service notifications or confirmations.

Sales agents can be proactive in their communications once armed with marketing insights, lead tracking, visibility that creates cross sell opportunities and even ongoing account management to ensure customer success.

I expect companies to direct me to the method of contacting them that resolves my situation in the quickest way

Support agents love the ease of use, information at their fingertips, and full knowledge of the customer from cradle to date across their life cycle.

how does aavaz do it?

Aavaz focuses on the agent, the customer and their conversations then intelligently categorizes everything for future access and follow up.
the result is a system that truly allows teams to work seamlessly together across marketing, sales and support teams and across all communication channels - what we call unified.
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